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Envision A Home Well Deserved

Who We Are

Leading manufacturer and distributor of building products, proudly produced in Mexico for the North American residential construction industry. 

Visionwell Building Products

Our products use innovative materials and contemporary designs to create high value solutions for our customers, in compliance with local building codes and other requirements. 

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Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom Cabinetry

Kitchen Countertops

Vanity Tops

Bathroom Toilet
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Shower Doors & Walls


Interior Doors

Modern Livingroom
Hand Opening Window

Interior Furniture

Office Furniture

Entry & Security Doors

Aluminum & Vinyl Windows

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Floor Tiles
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Exterior Furniture

Composite Decking

Porcelain Tile

Trim & Exterior Moulding

About Us

At Visionwell Building Products, we believe that a new kind of manufacturer exists locally; one who is driven by the challenges of today’s global economy, and who innovates through product design to demonstrate they deserve to be part of your project. 

Our North American factories’ proven capabilities are much needed for in an industry traditionally dependent on overseas suppliers.


These factories are led by the same vision, and are inspired to bring you, a home well deserved.

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Global Supply Chain Challenges

  • Overseas supplier shortages and delays

  • Global container delays and increased costs

  • Overstocking due to bullwhip effect

  • Supply variability poses challenges to working capital

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Benefits of Visionwell Buidling Products

  • Available installed capacity

  • Domestic Lead times – Quick order fulfillment 

  • Faster turnaround – Low inventory requirements

  • No global containers – Competitive delivery costs 

  • No shortage of Labor – Large manufacturing labor pool

  • Low-cost, high-skilled labor – Competitive prices

Our Advantage

Struggling with product availability, inventory challenges, and increases in fulfillment costs? Today’s global supply chain strategy is out of balance.


Our experienced North American supply chain team provides differentiated fulfillment solutions for builders, dealers, and traditional & online retailers.

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307 E. Railroad St., Suite 105 Weslaco, Texas 78596

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